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Facebook Adds New Option to Slow Down Comments Within Groups

Facebook has added a new option in groups which to authorize the group admins to slow down the comments in their groups especially when there’s a heated argument is going on. A social media expert Matt Navarra posted a few screenshots where the option to slow down the comments were mentioned. Moreover, Facebook has explained that if someone is a group admin or moderator he will be able to slow down the comments on a specific post. Also, every person can only add one comment every five minutes. According to experts, this is a great initiative by Facebook as it would help people stop and re-think what they are doing rather than doing something in the heat of the moment to regret later. It’s not difficult to say something rude or misbehaving in the heat of the moment but a five minutes break could be all that people need to cool things down. 

Facebook limits people to one comment every five minutes

You can look back to a similar kind of experiment where Twitter stopped people from retweet ahead of the US presidential elections. Also, the people were still able to retweet but it was converted into a default quote which would tempt them to reconsider what they are posting. Twitter also tested an experiment where they would send people alerts before sharing a link or post before even opening the content. This is a small step when we take the number of engagements into account but sometimes this is all we need to rethink about the situation and post something more civil rather than just firing back at people. Therefore, this is not a big but yet important option for the group admins which will not solve all the problems the Facebook community has been facing all these years but it’s something that can be helpful to ease the conflicts.

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