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Exciting Internet of Things’ Projects for Students

Internet of things (IoT) is a network that refers to physical objects embedded with software, sensors, and other technologies to exchange data over the internet. You can transform a physical object into an IoT device by connecting it to the internet and communicating with various gadgets. Many internets of things projects are revolutionizing modern technology in smart ways.

Benefits of IoT Technology:

  • IoT promotes efficient resource utilization
  • It minimizes human efforts in many life aspects
  • Enabling IoT will reduce the cost of production and maximize the returns
  • It makes analytics decisions faster and accurate
  • It boosts the real-time marketing of products
  • Provide a better client experience
  • It guarantees high-quality data and secured processing

Exciting Internet of Things’ Projects in 2020:

  • Smart Agriculture System

The name of the project shows that an IoT-based device will perform and monitor farming tasks. Users can schedule irrigation time and spray pesticides wirelessly. 

  • Weather Reporting System

You can design an IoT-based device to facilitate the reporting of weather parameters over the internet. In this gadget, you will use humidity, temperature, and rain sensors that can monitor the weather conditions and provide live reports.

  • Home Automation System

The most talked-about project is the home automation system. You should develop software through which you can control your home appliances through your mobile phone over the internet.

  • Face Recognition Bot

Develop an IoT-based robot with advanced face recognition capabilities. You can use it in a robust security system.

  • Smart Garage Door

You can control your garage door through IoT technology. You don’t need to come out of your car and open the door.

  • Smart Alarm Clock

         You can command your phone to execute standard voice messages, initiate a video call, automate brightness-level, and volume control through a smart alarm clock.

  • Air Pollution Monitoring System

It is a cost-effective idea to develop an air pollution monitoring system to check air quality and save it on servers for future use. It will monitor environmental components such as carbon monoxide, air quality index-ozone, sulfur dioxide, and nitrous oxide.

  • Streetlight monitoring system

Lights are an essential source of power consumption, but streetlights continue to remain on even when there is nobody on the street. There should be an efficient monitoring system to save energy.

Future of internet of things’ projects:

  • IoT sets to generate $344 billion in additional revenue by 2021 while reducing costs by $177 billion.
  • By 2022, there will be 28.5 billion networked devices.
  • Globally, another 127 devices are coming on the internet every second.
  • The smart home global market will reach up to $53 billion by 2022.
  • Companies will invest $15 trillion in IoT by 2025.
  • CRM software increasingly uses IoT data to automate customer service and sales efforts.
  • The industrial business expects that IoT devices will add $14 trillion to the global economy by 2030.
  • 5G will expand the IoT technology in areas where time and bandwidth speed are essential.

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