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Consortium Blockchain Network is the one that is the most secure of all blockchain networks for two reasons.

Are you interested in establishing a blockchain network that is secure and returns your hard work’s worth? Let Pixelette Technologies help you there.

Consortium Blockchain Network is the one that is the most secure of all blockchain networks for two reasons. As it is unavailable to any user whose intention with blockchain is unknown to you. Therefore security risks in Consortium Blockchain Network reduce significantly. Secondly, as the users have to take permission from an organisation to work on their transaction in a Private Blockchain Network, the chances of garnering more prospects are reduced considerably. Consortium Blockchain deals with this drawback by allocating power to give permission to users to multiple organisations. In this way, numerous users making transactions are easily accounted for and managed. Pixelette Technologies will help you design Consortium Blockchain Network with ease.

How Do We Help?

A Consortium Blockchain Network is more flexible than both Private and Public Blockchain Networks. For this reason, almost all successful companies prefer Consortium Blockchain Networks as it is faster, cost-effective, and error-free. Following are some of the features you will benefit from if you set up a Consortium Blockchain Network within your system.

Decentralisation is guaranteed in Consortium Blockchain Networks. As the Blockchain Networks are administered by multiple organisations simultaneously, the risk of any organisation overstepping its assigned powers will be easily detected. The authority of all organisations is therefore kept in check. Ultimately, it serves the goals of a decentralised blockchain network. Pixelette Technologies ensures that all organisations tasked with monitoring user transactions are unbiased and neutral.



The problem with Public Blockchain Network is that it tends to lag and fall behind since it is available to multiple people. On the other hand, Consortium Blockchain pays attention to only a particular number of users; therefore, its speed is not compromised, which ultimately results in a better user experience. Pixelette Technologies will ensure that your Consortium Blockchain is faster than your competition.

In the case of Public Blockchain Networks, there are numerous unmonitored users managing who is a hassle. Therefore, the Transaction fee, due to unaccommodated customers, tends to drop and rise rapidly. However, these issues are less likely to occur in case of Consortium Blockchain Networks. As every user and his transaction is regularly monitored, handling a consortium Blockchain Network is easier than many expect. This is why the transaction fee in a Consortium Blockchain is cheaper and stays constant throughout the year. Pixelette Technologies will design the most easily understood blockchain to ensure maximum output.

Low Transaction Cost:

Defense Against 51% Attack:

51% attack usually occurs when a huge portion of those users are from a single organisation to sabotage your Blockchain network for good. However, this malicious attack cannot be possible in the case of

consortium blockchains since almost all of the organisations monitoring the transaction system are unbiased and would detect anything fishy within the transaction system fairly quickly, leaving no room for such users to do so sabotage your system. Pixelette Technologies will ensure that the detection of such users is swift and dealt with quickly.

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We deliver and develop blockchain for you in no time depends on when you want us to develop. We produce blockchain services quickly and smartly that will let you appreciate us.

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We will be with you to the end until you are fully satisfied with our development services. We are 24-7 available to serve you in case to answer any query.

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We consist of a plethora of security solutions for your blockchain account that will allow you to decide what suits you.



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We value the effective and well-groomed level of communication to facilitate you. There is not even a single interruption in the communication for these apps.

Blockchain is a way to handle transactions safely and maintains cryptocurrency for multiple purposes.

frequently asked questions

An enterprise blockchain is a type of blockchain that can be used at scale to simplify business processes, such as tracking supply chain goods or settling global payments.

Proof of Work networks currently offers the ability to perform 10 transactions per second. However, without affecting their security provisions of an open and decentralized network, those transaction speeds could potentially be increased to 100 transactions per second. Although this comparative low throughput is a challenge for blockchain adoption, it is already solved and new solutions to the scalability problem are being built every day.

In a blockchain model, transactions are shared across a peer-to-peer network and reconciled continually. In this model, there is no central manager or centralized model, so you cannot instigate fraud schemes.

Travel agents must share information with flight companies and hotels, as their passengers' belongings are also passed between companies and tracked. By storing and accessing important information with a blockchain, responsibility for storing it becomes shared among the network participants.

Increasingly, online merchants, physical venues, and consumers are accepting bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment. Blockchain has gained traction in reducing the cost and complexity of the supply chain. Companies around the world continue to develop blockchain solutions for, for example, loyalty programs, advertising, contracts, fundraising, and commercial lending. Many of the largest retailers use it for these purposes or are testing it. Almost all trends point to the adoption of blockchain by all merchants, online and offline.

Several benefits of blockchain technology can be realized by implementing smart contracts that release funds only once milestones demonstrate that the funds are being spent in the manner that they have been promised. Crowdfunding becomes easier and better without the need for trust, thus finally making it more valid for all kinds of projects and campaigns.





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