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Clubhouse Announces Exclusive Content Deal with NFL

Clubhouse is looking to capitalize on its opportunities with a new, exclusive content deal with the NFL.

This will see the NFL show itself in the lead-up to the 2021 NFL Draft.

With the new partnership, the NFL becomes the first major sports league to partner with Clubhouse on official programming and could help them reach more NFL fans around the event.

Clubhouse says:

“With Clubhouse’s highly interactive audio-based social platform, fans can drop in on the NFL’s rooms to follow the picks live as they’re announced, and listen in on discussions featuring key NFL figures – from athletes and coaches to network personalities. Fans also have the opportunity to join the conversation and be invited on stage by moderators to ask questions or share their reactions to the Draft.”

Clubhouse and NFL launch exclusive partnership

The challenges:

Although it will highlight one key weakness, that only those invited to the app will be able to join.

So it’ll hurt the relationship a bit – though Clubhouse says that it already hosts regular NFL-related rooms, so it will provide the new opportunity to enhance community connection and reach.

The popularity of audio-social tools:

Both Facebook and Reddit announced their Clubhouse-like audio social tools last week, neither of which is likely to get the same amount of attention as Clubhouse, but both of which may be problematic for Clubhouse as it expands its user base.

A lot of people are already on Facebook groups, and/or subreddits with certain interests, so when those same tools are available within these groups, they won’t bother to download Clubhouse.

It needs to expand, and soon, most notably through an Android application but also by opening up to all users.

Otherwise, it runs the risk of losing out on the trend it started.

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