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Child Tweets Gibberish from US Nuclear Agency Account

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Many were left stunned and confused when a gibberish tweet was sent out from the official account of the US strategic commands’ Twitter account.

The US strategic command is in charge of the country’s nuclear arsenal.

The tweet was a group of seemingly random characters which had no intrinsic meaning to them.

The tweet read as follows: “;l;;gmlxzssaw,”; naturally people went into speculation and crafted various conspiracy theories about what the tweet could possibly mean.

Tweet from US nuclear agency causes wide-scale panic.

Some believed that the tweet was a secret code that was being broadcast to someone and some remarked that this random string of characters were in fact nuclear launch codes for the US’s nuclear arsenal.

The truth?

The US strategic command addressed all of these rumors and assured people that the tweet had been made by a young child of one of the US strategic commands’ social media team’s employees, that had posted it when the employee had left his computer unattended.

Many people speculated that the strategic command was being hacked and that the country’s nuclear arsenal was in jeopardy.

A journalist called Mikael Thalen filed for a Freedom of Information Act request to get to the bottom of the incident when the strategic command wasn’t addressing mounting speculation.

It was found out that the employee’s child had simply found the account open and the computer unattended; he then proceeded to play with the keyboard and type a gibberish message that was then sent out as a tweet.

Although the tweet itself had been deleted within a few minutes, it still caused all sorts of commotion and dialogue to take place.

It was noted how remote workers were the most vulnerable to cyber-breaches and hacks and how the Covid-19 lockdown was a strange situation, that was leading officials and employees to often ignore safe cyber-security practices.

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