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Best SEO Techniques for Online Stores Unveiled by Google

Google shared the best practices for best SEO on its latest lightning talk. Is this a big thing? You might be wondering what SEO is and why it is important. Let’s find out!

What is SEO?

Search engines like Google and Bing rank every webpage based on several factors. Search Engine Optimization is extremely important for any business that wants to thrive in today’s digital age. Research shows that 85% of users do not go beyond the first page of search engines. Therefore, if your web site is not ranked highly enough, you effectively lose 85% of your potential audience. Search Engine Optimization includes the techniques and practices used to increase a website’s rank. 

Product Data vs. Other Data

Product data includes prices, stocks, ratings etc. It is hard to acquire product data, but it massively increases traffic towards e-commerce sites. It has the potential to change people’s buying decisions. However, Google itself cannot gather this data. Google only publishes this information when 100% correctness of the information is confirmed. Site owners must confirm the authenticity of this data before it is published. 

Providing Google Data

Sow how you can provide Google with such data? Using structured data is a surefire way to make sure Google understands all products details. The most common approach is to embed structured data on a page as JSON-LD encoded content. Product feeds, and content APIs are also a great way of providing Google the data it requires. Product data can be manually submitted into a product feed. Furthermore, developers can use APIs to update each product manually.On the latest Lightning talk, Google unveiled a few best SEO tips and tricks that online businesses can use to rank their websites organically.

In the end,  Google emphasized the importance of organically growing and ranking your website.

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