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Apple’s M1 Chip Gives Mac Some iPhone Shine

 M1 chip
Macs now use Apple’s M1 chip, not Intel’s microprocessor.

On Wednesday, the tech giant Apple will report its second-quarter earnings and will likely discuss many hot topics currently going on such as the privacy battle with Facebook and the upcoming court case with Fortnite maker Epic.

Music streaming service Spotify and Bluetooth tracking device maker Tile are also being addressed by legislative bodies in relation to Apple.

All of these may not get as much attention as Apple’s new M1 Mac computers.

The new laptops and desktops promise better battery life, performance and device designs due to Apple’s in-house engineers, instead of buying Intel’s micro-processors.

Apple’s sales:

Apple announced at the end of March that the M1 chip powered MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops, as well as the Mac Mini desktop, are now the most popular computers on the market.

“This is more than just an upgrade, it’s a breakthrough,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said.

Several Apple analysts expect similarly enthusiastic sales for the three months ended in March.

While the company did not provide forward-looking guidance, analysts expect the company to report on average 98 cents in profit a share on $77.2 billion in sales.

More than 50% increase in profits per share from a year ago, and 32% increase in sales, which would bring Apple to its sixth-highest sales quarter in history, despite the company not having released any major new products during this period.

The impact of Covid-19:

The next question Apple M1 chip needs to answer is whether it can maintain that momentum after vaccines are more widely distributed, COVID restrictions lift, and people aren’t as confined to their homes for work or school.

Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives wrote in a message to investors last week that people continue to buy iPhones at high rates, in part because of the new iPhone 12 design and superfast 5G wireless technology.

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