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Amazon Faces Unionization Crises in its Warehouse

Even the big companies have been scrutinized for neglecting working environment hazards for as long as we can remember.

Some of the names previously criticized include Coca-cola, Nike, and Adidas.

Also, inadequate safety in factories has been lethal to the lives of many workers over the decades.

However, most of these unpleasant events took place in third-world countries as labor is notably cheap and saves significant production costs.

Union Election

This time it’s the IT giants Amazon under the spotlight for violating human rights.

Approximately six thousand Bessemer workers are deciding whether to unionize that could increase their pay, reduce working hours and ensure a safe working environment.

All previous unions have failed largely due to insufficient support.

However, 5800 workers have the chance to set a new path for their successors to come.

Workers have been casting ballots in a union election, and they are expected to achieve a historic outcome.

Amazon’s Stance

Amazon is under immense pressure because if this unionization of workers succeeds in accomplishing their goal, this might set a dangerous trend.

It could accelerate the process of unionization in other warehouses and cause concern for the board.

But to the public, Amazon would like to maintain their reputation as the “good guy” and make people believe they are sincere towards their employees.

Pressure from Amazon

Workers believe that vote itself is a remarkable achievement regardless of it passes or not.

Union representatives have also reported pressure from Amazon on pro-union workers.

Moreover, long interrogations were held in an attempt to disintegrate the union and demolish the movement once and for all.

Union is a thorn in any corporation’s eyes as it gives rights to workers and provides them with a centralized platform to raise their concerns.

The efforts of the employees could disrupt Amazon’s delivery structure and make their reliability questionable.

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