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Smartphones explosion and how to prevent it
The various risks that smartphones present

There are a number of reports on  Samsung smartphones exploding in the hands of users as well as Apple products exploding in the hands of users. According to the leading analyst of Mobile Research Group, Eldar Murtazin, purchasing non-original smartphone chargers and other accessories can be dangerous. It is believed that non-original chargers can cause ignition during use.

Therefore, if purchased from an unfamiliar seller, a charger could turn out to be fake, which could not only cause battery failure or wear but could also cause the device to ignite or fail altogether.  “These are not empty words, it happens every year, and in Russia, several people die from it every year,” warned the specialist. Also, the analyst stresses the danger of using a smartphone in the bath while it is on charge.

Safety guidelines to follow:

 Furthermore, if a user decides to disassemble his smartphone, it can pose a considerable risk. “If you do disassemble the device, never touch the battery, because if you break its shell, it can ignite,” said Murtazin. As well as being dangerous to health, cheap smartphone accessories such as cases and headphones can also result in allergic reactions or skin burns.

Mark Sherman, the managing partner at the B&C Agency communications agency, stressed that the smartphone itself cannot be dangerous, but if it does, it may be the fault of the user. “If the smartphone breaks, you need to take it to specialists, rather than trying to fix the device yourself”, added Mr. Sherman.

Earlier, CEO and partner of Intellectual Reserve, Pavel Myasoedov, said that short exposure to water, a blow, or prolonged charging can cause an explosion. According to him, smartphones of Samsung explode most frequently, which even had to recall all phones Galaxy Note 7 because of a wave of panic. Apple products have also been known to explode in the hands of individuals.

Preventing smartphone explosion:

One of the reasons why lithium-ion batteries would explode on a phone is because they occasionally have punctures that occur as a result of dropped phone or a break in the thin compact battery that can lead to a short circuit. In some instances, cheap alternate batteries also contain rare microscopic metal particles that possibly come into contact with other parts of the battery cell, leading to a short circuit.

This usually occurs with very high temperatures and faulty batteries. In many cases, overcharging can cause this problem since batteries begin receiving more current than they can handle, leading to overheating.

Having too much heat in one area of the battery leads to thermal runaway, which occurs when the battery is unable to cool down quickly enough so that a breakdown chain reaction results, ultimately leading to fire.

A number of causes can cause the phones to heat up and explode, which cannot be predicted but can be avoided.

Use only the original charger when charging the phone, stop charging if the phone gets too hot, and during hot days, avoid charging the phone for too long, especially in hot places like the car or the close to the radiator, or sunlight.

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