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7 crucial tips to support the Asian community

Recent attacks on Asian communities have increased at an alarming rate. Amid the trouble, Facebook hosted a panel session to raise awareness about the issue among brands and advertisers. The discussion included representatives from the Hispanic marketing council, IW group and Facebook.

The social network summarized 7 key points for brands looking to do more to support Asian communities.

  • Tell Your Story

Sharing stories will give people a chance to understand different perspectives. Ultimately it can broaden their scope of understanding not only Asians but also numerous communities.

  • Go Further Than a Solidarity Statement

Brands should go beyond speeches. Only saying a few kind words is not going to suffice. Community needs meaningful actions from big names.

  • Hold other Brands Accountable

Panel participants advised to support minority-owned media and spread the same message via their social media platforms.

steer your bran in the right direction to support minorities

  • Consider Where Your Brand Money Goes

Most often, brand owners are unaware of where their brand money is spent. Advertisers should concern themselves and stay involved in all the spending. Also, analyze and predict any negative outcomes.

  • Do More to Connect with Subject Matter Experts

Before taking a step regarding any sensitive matter, brands must consult relevant experts. Understand an issue and then, with mutual agreement, take a final decision.

  • Ensure Diverse Representation in leadership Positions

Appointing diverse representatives gives owners an edge in understanding different perceptions. Automatically, it gives crucial insights to the people at the top and contributes to making a final decision involving a specific community.

  • Have and Create Empathy

The utmost point of all the practices is to have empathy and ensure that a breadth of perspective is considered within your brand decision-making.

We somehow have to relinquish our flawed perceptions and evolve above our standards to eliminate unnecessary hatred towards minorities are any community, for that matter.

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