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5 Reasons Not to Use Google AdWords for Lead Generation

Why entrepreneurs are reluctant to use Google ads?
Stop wasting money on Google ads, approach clients directly

Google Adwords was once the only viable option for increasing outreach for a brand. However, slowly it became a risk, and businesses started to switch to other options. And as of now, it is only considered as a money-draining process with no sustainable output.

With the passage of time, entrepreneurs have found more flexible and reliable ways to not only increase outreach but convert them into sales.

1. Not Everyone Can Use Google Adwords Easily

Google Adwords impose other restrictions as well. For example, google ads require some level of technical knowledge, and it is very easy for beginners to make mistakes.

2. 80% of Google Ad Accounts are Disabled if You Continue Making Errors

The first point leads to the second; because of those mistakes, your ads are ignored altogether. Consequently, wasting time and without the knowledge of admin.

Subsequently, making errors continuing to make errors leads to a ban. And just that easily, your account is banned, and all the financial resources you have poured into your digital marketing strategy go to waste.

3. Just Like Facebook Rate of Cost Per Click is Significantly Higher

Similar to Facebook, the cost per click is already very high for limited-budget businesses, and it continues to increase over time.

So if you are planning to dabble into lead generation through google ads, make sure you check in with your finance department!

4. The Chances of Getting Genuine Leads are Very Low

Stats don’t lie, and experience puts a stamp on those stats. We are not talking solely based on stats. At our clients’ request, we have used Google AdWords for them, increasing your outreach.

However, if that reach never engages with your content, what good is that reach for? Moreover, it produces very unorthodox leads, not helping to convert leads into sales.

5. How Marketing Zeus Can Help

After reading why you shouldn’t use google ads as your primary source for lead generation, you must be wondering what we have to offer to you? WE HAVE “THE MARKETING ZEUS,” it is a marketing tool created by artificial intelligence experts at Pixelette technologies after 26 months of hard work.

The tool is making a name for itself through client reviews, and word of mouth is spreading like wildfire. Have you heard about the marketing Zeus? It doesn’t matter; you have now!

Pixelette Technologies have adopted new ways of finding a targeted audience. With appropriate steps, you don’t need to indulge in a PPC money pit and generate relevant leads at just a mere fraction of a cost compared to what google ads will cost you.

Our experts extract followers of your competitors’ accounts from social media and demographics to shortlist the best possible targets relevant to your business.

We just gave you one very reliable method of finding leads with zero investment! Well, Pixelette Technologies is an established IT firm, and we have a great number of methods available that are implemented as circumstances dictate.

After finding the leads, our calling agents approach the clients directly and lay their sales pitch until your potential customer becomes a customer

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